Confirmation Registration: Parents of Pre-Teens and Teens Support Calls (2)

Thank you for registering for this event. We will contact you shortly with information about how to dial into the conference call.  If you elected to join our mailing list, you may wish to view our Email and Privacy Policy.

Refund Policy

What: Phone based Hand in Hand Parenting Group for Parents of Pre-Teen and Teen children (9-12+ year olds). In these Support Calls, we will share facilitated listening time with a small group of other parents who are also reaching out for support.  These groups are a chance for you to share your parenting experiences, reflect on your own story, plan for the challenges of family life and have your questions answered about using the Hand in Hand  approach in your family.

Who: These groups are open to all parents of pre-teens and teens, although it is preferable if you have some familiarity with the Hand in Hand Parenting approach.  If you are not familiar with Hand in Hand Parenting*, before the group starts I highly recommend booking an optional One-on-One Consultation.  Offered for Support Call participants at a 40% discount off the regular price.

Where: Phone based group conference call with a US based dial-in number, and local numbers available for most other countries. You can also join the conference call via your web browser or via a phone app.


8:00 p.m. Tuesday 27/02 and Wednesday 14/03 & 21/03.

USA/Canada (Pacific)

12 noon, Tuesday 02/27, and
1:00p.m. Wednesday 03/14 & 03/21

Australia/New Zealand (AEDT)

7:00a.m. Wednesday 28/2 and Thursday 15/03 &  22/03

Length of Call: Plan on 90 minutes, but if there is only a small group, we may take less time.  If there is only one person on a call, the call will be 30 minutes maximum.

How many Calls: You can choose to join us for between one and three meetings. If you are new to this group I would strongly encourage you to join us for as many meetings as possible as we build connections and relationships.  You may be able to purchase additional calls once the group has started, depending on number of participants.

One-on-One Consultations: Are available at a discounted rate if you purchase the Support Calls.  If you purchased a consultation, I will be in touch shortly to schedule a time.  Because of differences in time-zones, I am available:


in February: 3p.m. Eastern, and 12 noon Pacific.
March 11-March 31 from 4p.m. Eastern and 1p.m. Pacific
April 1-6 October 2018- from 5p.m. Eastern and 2p.m. Pacific
7 October-4 Nov – from 4p.m. Eastern and 1p.m. Pacific
5th Nov – 11 March 2019 from 3p.m. Eastern, and 12 noon Pacific.

UK: February- March 25th from 7:30p.m. GMT
March 26th-1 April from 8:30p.m. GMT
2nd April from  9:30p.m. GMT

What to do next: Please contact us in a couple of days if you do not get an email confirming that we have received your registration and payment.   We will also confirm the dates you have chosen to join the call.

Please add our email address madeleine.s.winter “at” gmail “dot” com to your contacts and check your spam boxes as our emails sometimes land there.


Event Cancellation: Groups need a minimum number. If there are not enough people, we will notify you within a few days of the event start date – so please keep the dates available until you hear from us.

Missed Meetings: no refund is available if you miss a meeting. If spaces are available, we will do our best to include you in a later call.

All times in PDT

One-On-One Consultation: If this order is cancelled by you at any time, there is no refund of the One-on-One Consultation fee. However, I understand that life happens, and I am happy to reschedule at a mutually convenient time. If you need to cancel please let me know 24 hrs. in advance, whenever possible. If we reschedule a call at your request and it is missed a second time, your original fee will be forfeited and you will need to purchase additional time.

I am a parent, and life happens to me too. If I have to reschedule the consultation for whatever reason, you can elect to receive a refund up to 28th March 2018. You will receive your funds within 5 business days in the U.S. (within 7 days outside the U.S.), depending on your bank. Otherwise we can reschedule, in which case, the conditions above apply – I cannot refund, and if you miss that rescheduled appointment, and a subsequent one, you will forfeit your fee.

Support Calls: If cancelled by Event Organiser: your fees will be refunded in full to the credit card you paid with.

  • If cancelled by you, a full refund of any Support Calls you have paid for will be issued if you cancel in writing by 5p.m. 09/02/18
  • 75% will be refunded if you cancel your ticket between 5p.m. 09/02/18 and 5p.m. 16/02/18.
  • 50% will be refunded if you cancel between 5:00p.m. 16/02/18 and 5 p.m. on 23/02/18.
  • There will be no refund for tickets cancelled after 5p.m.23/02/18, or if you miss a meeting.

* If you are new to Hand in Hand, I would strongly suggest purchasing a copy of the “Listening to Children” booklets.  If you are in the US, the best way to purchase them is direct from Hand in Hand Parenting HERE. You can also purchase a digital version HERE.   If you are based in Australia, it is cheaper for you to purchase hard copies of the booklets directly from Madeleine.  You can organise to do so HERE.

I have collected some resources for Parents of Pre-Teens  Please take some time to have a look/listen before our group starts.