Getting Ongoing Support For Yourself

Maybe you’ve made it through a Hand in Hand Course or series of Support Calls!  Or we have had a Consultation, long or short, or you have joined me on a Teleseminar or Q&A.  Whatever way we made contact, well done!

Ongoing contact with other parents, and with support and guidance, is the thing that will help to keep you on-track with parenting they way you want.  It will help keep you working from a place of connection rather than harshness, and with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  But how do you stay in contact with other parents as you strive to keep the focus on building and repairing connection with your children?

Staying connected with me.
Staying Connected with Hand in Hand Parenting (Palo Alto)
Find a Listening Partner
Help with Emotional Projects

Staying Connected With Me.

I’ve loved getting to know you, and would love to stay in touch.  Please join my mailing list here, and keep your eye out for Support Calls and other groups I run from time-to-time.

I’ll put in a plug here for staying in some kind of ongoing group.  I’ve been running ongoing phone based groups for several years now, and have been working, on and off, with some parents through that time.  A very special kind of trust and safety builds as we work together like this over an extended time.  You will deepen your understanding of the listening process, and we can do more together as we get to know each other.  Many parents build Listening Partnerships out of these groups.

Staying Connected with Hand in Hand Parenting (Palo Alto)

I think one of the best things you can do is join the Hand in Hand Parent Club.  You get a “feed” of useful tips and information (culled from the best of Hand in Hand’s resources), an actively moderated facebook discussion group, and regular Q&A’s with experienced Instructors.   The first 30 days is free.

I great place to seek information and answers is to sign up for the Yahoo Discussion Group.  There are years worth of posts on every conceivable parenting topic, answered by experienced Hand in Hand Instructors.  Use the search function to see what has been said in the past, or post a question of your own.  You can join here.

On Facebook, there are a few groups you can join. There are of course my facebook page, and Hand in Hand Parenting’s page.

If you have children 8 years old or older,  you might join “Hand in Hand Parenting for Parents of Pre-Teens and Older Kids” This group is one of my favourites – lots of thoughtful contributions about maintaining strong connection with our children as they head into adolescence, and it  is a place where you might find Listening Partners, although that is not its primary purpose.

Other Facebook groups worth a look are (I am not active on these groups):

Hand in Hand Parents Support” is a closed group (i.e. you have to be a member to see the content), but somewhere that you can post questions, and look for Listening Partnerships.

Find a Listening Partner

If you are interested in finding a Listening Partner, you may do so via the Hand in Hand Yahoo discussion group database. People list their availability with the most recent entries last.  You can search for your city, for instance, and see if anyone comes up.  This is the link, but you will need to join the group to access it.

There are a couple of facebook groups which can be helpful places for advice and support, as well as for seeking Listening Partnerships.

Hand in Hand Parents Support” is a closed group for parents interested in learning more about the Hand in Hand and Parenting by Connection approach.

Hand In Hand Listening Support” is a “secret” group on FB (i.e. won’t come up in a search) where parents can post requesting emergency listening time or requests for listening partners. You may have to wade through some “venting” in order to get useful leads for LP’s, but it is a good place to try.

Help with Emotional Projects

Emotional projects are issues which crop up over and over in your relationship with your child.  They can be persistent, challenging, and wearing!  I really recommend a combination of a) studying up on the topic and b) getting some one on one assistance to develop a connection plan to tackle the issue over time.

For the study, once you have worked through the video and other material for the Starter Class (or Parent Intensive), if you took one of those courses, I highly recommend the short, self-paced online courses produced by Hand in Hand.  They cover much of the same ground as the Starter Class, but from the perspective of the issue at hand – separations, sibling rivalries, aggression, sleep, limit setting.

And as I have probably said if we have already spoken,  I highly recommend getting some help via a One-on-One Consultation. Often, you will only need one or two sessions to get the Hand in Hand perspective of what is going on in your family and develop a plan of action.  You may want to follow it up with another consult down the track.  You can book using the above link.  I may need to refer you to Hand in Hand Parenting, depending on which course or class you have just completed.  If you book through Hand in Hand, you can request your consultation to be with me if you wish.

And in any case, please do drop me an email every now and again, as I love to hear your stories, and how things are going.

Warmly,  Madeleine

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