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Support Calls: Join Calls Feb-April

In-Person Groups: We have no groups currently scheduled, but watch this space!

Got Questions?

Got Older Children? Support Calls for parents of pre-teens and teens.

What:Have your questions answered, and get support as you make plans and set goals for building closeness and co-operation in your family.
Cost: The cost is from $20 – $35 per call/group.  You should decide what to pay based on your income and family circumstances.

Get started right away: As part of these groups, I offer an additional, optional Parenting Consultation at 30% of the normal rate. You can book and pay when you register for the Support Calls/Groups. More information here.


What is a Parent Resource Group/Support Call/Skill Building Group?
What happens in a Hand in Hand Group?
What will I get from being in the group?
How big are the groups and how long do the Calls run?
Who can attend?
Tell me about Parenting Consultations.
What have other parents said about these groups?

What is a Parent Support Group or Support Call?

Build support around the work you do as a parent, reduce your stress level, build connection in your family life and support for yourself.  Parenting is challenging at the best of times. There is always lots of advice, but in short supply is a safe, non-judgmental place to:

  • make sense of that advice and plan for our parenting;
  • >unload when things get tough;
  • hear that we are not alone;
  • >be appreciated for how hard we try;
  • share successes and happy moments; and
  • reflect on our own stories and how these influence our parenting.

What happens on a Parent Support Call?

  • learn about how Hand in Hand Parenting can work in your family;
  • share experiences of using the Listening Tools at home;
  • have questions answered;
  • each parent is listened to in turn by the group, in a confidential environment, without comment, judgement or advice.

What will I get from being in the group?

Being part of a Support Call/Skill Building Group can help you develop a support network which you can use to help solve your parenting challenges. Getting a chance to be listened to in this way can often turn your day around, and over time, improves your capacity to connect with your children, and your flexibility in responding to their difficulties.

Who Can Attend?

These groups are open to parents of  children aged 0-12.  It is preferable if you have some familiarity with the Hand in Hand/Parenting by Connection approach. For a good general introduction please see our learning the hand in hand approach.  For a more in-depth introduction, we can highly recommend the Short Online Parenting Courses on common parenting topics.  If you are not sure, please contact Madeleine to discuss.

How big are the groups and how long do they run?

Groups are limited to six participants, and meet for four to eight times via phone based conference call. The length of time we meet will depend on how many people join the group, but it is between 60 and 90 minutes.  If for some reason only one person is on the call, the call will run 30 minutes max.

Tell me more about Parenting Consultations

I am offering Parenting Consultations at 30% off the regular price if you sign up for these Support Calls. This gives us the opportunity to get started straight away with understanding the challenges and strengths in your family. If you are new to Hand in Hand, I can introduce the approach tailored specifically for your parenting challenges. If you are familiar, then we can dive more deeply into developing a Personalised Parenting Connection Plan for your family, to solve problems and help you build connection and closeness. You will then be able to use the Support Calls to follow up on that plan and have your questions answered as you implement it.

Initial Consultations are 75 minutes long, and subsequent Consultations can be booked for 60 minutes or 2 x 45 minute meetings.

What have other parents said about these groups?

“The adult-adult listening time has been great because I normally don’t have anyone to offload to.”

“I’ve found the listening time helpful as it is interesting to listen to where others are at and it’s a great opportunity to get things off your chest.”

“I’ve been surprised at how useful it has been just to have a chance to talk through what is going on. Things seem to become clearer. I know that no-one is going to judge me, or give me advice I don’t need.”


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