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Parents of Pre-Teens and Teens

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Are you the parent of a child between 9 and 12 year old? Then you are the parent of a “pre-teen”! It’s a great age, and marks the beginning of the transition from childhood to adolescence. There’s a lot going on – for us and for them.

And for those of us with older children – it can be a challenge to stay close and connected through the sometimes rocky teenage years.

I’m so pleased to be offering these calls and workshops.  Get support as you work though the challenges of staying close to your children as they grow and change.

Here’s what one mother had to say about my ongoing Support Calls:

Madeleine has helped me transform my relationship with my 12 year old daughter through her encouragement, listening, and guidance. I was feeling like the worst parent ever and wondering how I could make it through the next 6 years! I’m much better able not to take all the things my daughter says personally and stay open to connecting with her. I have participated in both one on one and group telephone calls. I feel like I’m not alone anymore! (Mother of 12yo, Arizona, USA)

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Why get together with parents of pre-teens and teens?

What’s Madeleine like?

What happens in a Hand in Hand Support Call?

Who can attend? Do I need to be familiar with Hand in Hand?

How do I learn more?

How big are the Groups and how long do they run?

Tell me more about Parenting Consultations.

What have other parents said about these groups?

I can’t join now, but I want to stay in touch

Why get together with parents of pre-teens and teens?

I’m really excited to be offering these phone based Support Calls for parents of pre-teens and older kids. Meeting weekly with a bunch of other parents at this stage of parenting, together we will build support, share our challenges and successes, and help reduce stress levels. I’ll help you navigate the challenges of keeping connection at the centre with your older children, and help you learn about using the Hand in Hand Listening Tools with children as they grow into young adults.

Our children are beginning a process of quite radical brain re-organisation, which along with the hormones of puberty, are responsible for major changes in behaviour and outlook.

And we parents are entering a very different phase of parenting – with at least 10 or so years behind us! We bring experience – we are not ‘newbies” anymore – but sometimes also weariness. Did you know that research suggests that the parents of children in the pre-teen and early teen years are the most stressed and least satisfied of all parents?

Plus, parenting always reminds us of how things were for us when we were young, and adolescence wasn’t always the easiest time in our own lives. Our own experiences influence how we parent, and this is just as much the case now as it was when our children were young – if not more so.

Being in an ongoing group will help you build support around the work you do as a parent. Parenting is challenging at the best of times. There is always lots of advice, but in short supply is a safe, non-judgemental place to:

  • make sense of that advice and plan for our parenting;
  • unload when things get tough;
  • hear that we are not alone;
  • be appreciated for how hard we try;
  • share successes and happy moments; and
  • reflect on our own stories and how these influence our parenting.

In a Support Call, each parent has time to be listened to without interruption or advice giving, about their particular parenting challenges (or victories!). Getting a chance to be listened to in this way can often turn your day around, and over time, improves your capacity to connect with your children, and your flexibility in responding to their difficulties. Many parents will also build ongoing Listening Partnerships with other parents in the group.

I’m an experienced Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and parent of a teen, and will provide mentoring and guidance as you try the Listening Tools in your family and share your experiences with the other parents on the call.

What is Madeleine like?

You can learn more about me here.

Want to get a sense of me? Listen here to me talking about how to stay close to your teen, and how to stay sane while parenting teens.

Here’s what one kind parent said of me:

“In addition, to all the technical support she offers, is Madeleine’s warmth, complete acceptance, lightheartedness and loving personality. She is able to awaken me to the fact that I am the perfect parent for my child and in all actuality, despite how bad I feel, I am parenting very well.”

Mother of 2 year old, Austin, TX USA.

What happens in a Hand in Hand Support Group?

  • brief introductions – what is going well in your family?
  • introduce and review the Hand in Hand Parenting Listening Tools as necessary.
  • share experiences of using the Listening Tools at home;
  • have questions answered;
  • each parent is listened to in turn in the group, in a confidential environment, without comment, judgement or advice.

Who can attend? Do I need to be familiar with Hand in Hand?

These groups are open to parents of children aged 9-12 and through the teen years. It is preferable if you have some familiarity with the Parenting by Connection/Hand in Hand approach. If you are new to Hand in Hand, I recommend taking advantage of the discounted One-on-One Consultation which is available to participants who join the Support Calls. You can book and pay for this when you register for the Support Calls.

How do I learn more?

For a good general introduction to Hand in Hand and how it applies to the pre-teen years, please see our free resources and materials for parents of older kids

We recommend the “Listening To Children” 9 booklet set, published by Hand in Hand Parenting. If you are interested in getting a hard copy of these, please get in touch here and we will send you payment details. If you are in the US, the best way to purchase them is direct from Hand in Hand Parenting here. You can also purchase a digital version here.
For a more in-depth introduction, we can highly recommend the Short Online Parenting Courses on common parenting topics. If you are not sure, please contact Madeleine to discuss.

How big are the groups and how long do they run?

Groups are limited to six participants, generally meet for four, six or eight sessions, either via phone based conference call or in person. The length of time we meet will depend on how many people join the group, but it is usually 1.5 hours.

Tell me more about Parenting Consultations.

I am offering an hour long Parenting Consultation at 30% off the regular price if you sign up for these Support Calls. This gives us the opportunity to get started straight away with understanding the challenges and strengths in your family. If you are new to Hand in Hand, I can introduce the approach tailored specifically for your parenting situation. If you are familiar, then we can dive more deeply into developing a Personalised Parenting Connection Plan for your family, to solve problems and help you build connection and closeness. You will then be able to use the Support Calls to follow up on that plan and have your questions answered as you implement it.

You can book a consultation when you pay for the Support Calls.

What have other parents said about these groups?

“The adult-adult listening time has been great because I normally don’t have anyone to offload to.”

“I’ve found the listening time helpful as it is interesting to listen to where others are at and it’s a great opportunity to get things off your chest.”

“I’ve been surprised at how useful it has been just to have a chance to talk through what is going on. Things seem to become clearer. I know that no-one is going to judge me, or give me advice I don’t need.”

Next Support Call Series:

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