Upcoming Events

Parent Support Groups/Skill Building Groups

Phone based and in-person Groups to provide ongoing support for your parenting.

I have regular Calls for parents of children 0-12, and for parents of tweens and teens.

Workshops on Common Parenting Topics

Every now and again I run Workshops and Webinars – coming up are workshops on Separation Anxiety, Learning, Limit Setting and Starting School.

Classes and Courses – by online classroom and phone based conference call

Hand in Hand Starter Class

This is the beginning Hand in Hand Parenting course, introducing all 6 Listening Tools, and providing you with support via weekly phone based conference calls over six weeks to discuss your learning and questions.  Courses are delivered via online classroom.  You will need high speed internet access.

Who: Fathers, mothers and other carers of children.
When: Sign up, and you can start the coursework anytime.  My next Call Group starts USA: Sunday eve, 5p.m. Pacific from June 2nd, which is Mondays 10:00a.m. from June 3rd in Australia.

Short on-line courses on common parenting issues:

Aggression, Limit Setting, Sibling Rivalry, Separations, Helping Children Sleep, Raising Happy Tweens, Getting Support For Yourself

Professionals Intensive

Join with other professionals who work with families to learn about how Hand in Hand can be used in your practice.

Who: For professionals who work with parents & children – psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, members of the clergy, and parent and family outreach/support workers.
Where: Delivered by on-line classroom and small group conference calls.
When: The online classroom is open, and you can start the course work immediately.  Phone based mentoring groups start periodically.

Instructor Certification

This nine month program, starting in September and ending in June, is open to individuals with the skills and experience to teach, support and mentor parents and child care professionals as they learn the tools of Hand in Hand Parenting.

Where: Delivered by online classroom (distance learners), face to face classes for those who are local (in Palo Alto, CA), and weekly phone based mentoring conference call.  I lead a mentoring call as part of this programme.
When: Applications for the 2019-20 programme close in late May 2019, and you can register to be notified when applications open.  In the meantime, you will be required to take an online Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class as a pre-requisite, the cost of which will be taken off your total price for the Certification Programme if taken in the year prior.  It might be worth planning to take a Starter Class soon if you are considering certification.

In Person Courses

Setting Effective Limits – Lakemba, starts in June 2019



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