Boy cries in mother's arms. Maybe they have to part.

Solving Separation Anxiety Webinar

When Your Child Won’t Stay Anywhere Without You

Free from Hand in Hand with Madeleine Winter

Are transitions hard? Is your child really unhappy about leaving you for short periods? Is your child aggressive, or withdrawn when you are away from them? Don’t know how to handle the heart-wrenching tears?

Is your child struggling with separation?
Are they terribly upset when you leave, or aggressive or withdrawn when you are away from them?
Do you dread the drop offs and goodbyes?

Join Madeleine  for an interactive Zoom webinar that will help you understand, plan for and handle big feelings about saying goodbye.

What: When Your Child Won’t Stay Anywhere Without You – Solving Separation Anxiety Webinar

Who: For parents of children 0-12.

When: Monday, May 20th at 9:00am in Sydney. In the US, that is Sunday May 19, 2019 4:00pm Pacific Time

Where: Zoom conferencing. You can dial in, or participate with vision on your PC or phone. When you click on the link for the Webinar, you’ll be prompted to download an app to your PC or phone. It’s worth doing this before the Webinar starts. You can find out more information here. We will send you specific dial-in details closer to the event.

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The feelings your child has about being away from you can show up as tears, or as hard-to-handle behaviours.  But these feelings of separation anxiety are normal, and ebb and flow as your child grows – even well into the teens! And truth be told, sometimes we parents have to admit that we are struggling with big feelings about being away from our children.

But you don’t have to be “sideswiped” by your child’s big feelings when you say “I have to go now”. These feelings can be acknowledged, anticipated and effectively dealt with in ways that increase a child’s general confidence and willingness to separate from loved ones.  And you can get support, knowing you have a plan and some tools to help.

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Are you dreading inevitable separations from your child? Help is at hand!
What is Separation Anxiety?
Looking for immediate help?
Who can attend? Do I need to be familiar with Hand in Hand Parenting?
How can I learn more?
Tell me more about Parenting Consultations
What will I get from the online course “Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety”?
What have other parents said about Madeleine?

Are you dreading inevitable separations from your child? Help is at hand!

Would you like to:

  • Understand the root causes of your child’s anxiety.
  • Feel more confident as you respond effectively to the crying, tantrums, and aggression that accompany transitions.
  • Learn concrete tools to address anxiety, stop the behaviour, at the same time as strengthening your child’s relationship with you.
  • Not get worn out – know how to build the support you need to keep going.

You are in luck! There is much that you can do to help your child. We believe that parting, and times away, can be a positive experience for you and your child. Using our practical approach, you can help your children gain confidence and resilience, so they will be happy to leave you & be able to fully enjoy themselves while you are away, knowing you will return.

Hand in Hand Parenting is an approach that will transform your separations into times of healing and growth where you strengthen your relationship with every parting.


What is Separation Anxiety?

Does your child

– Make a scene when you drop him off at school or day-care?
– Have trouble with transition times, goodbyes, or bed-times?
– Refuse to be cared for, or to play with, one of his parents?
– Have a special toy or thing that she will not be parted from?
– Hate going anywhere by herself?
– Withdrawn or aggressive when you are away from him?

These are all signs that your child may be carrying big feelings about separation.  The process of separating from us is a normal one which every child must go through.  For some children, it is harder than for others. And for some of us parents, it is harder than for others!

You may have theories about why your child gets especially upset when you have to leave – but a couple of things are sure:  It is not your fault, and there is a lot you can do to help your child.

In this Webinar, Madeleine introduces the Hand in Hand approach to parenting challenges, and explains how you can use our Listening Tools to solve separation anxieties and get support for yourself.

Looking for immediate help?

Book a Free 20 Minute Consultation to discuss.

This will give me a sense of your particular circumstances and how I can help.

Who can attend? Do I need to be familiar with Hand in Hand Parenting?

These groups are open to all parents of  children aged 1-12. You don’t need to be familiar with Hand in Hand.

How can I learn more?

We highly recommend that you consider taking one of Hand in Hand Parenting’s Self-Paced Online Courses, and/or read the booklets “Listening To Children”.

Purchase a hard copy of the “Listening to Children” booklets  here and we will send you payment details.  We will also include a CD of talks from Hand in Hand Parenting on common parenting topics.  You can also purchase these at the workshop.

You can also purchase a digital version of the booklets here.

Tell me more about Parenting Consultations.

Booking a Parenting Consultation is a very efficient way to get help with your parenting challenges and learn more about how Hand in Hand can work in your family to build closeness and ease difficulties. Most parents find that one or two consultations will help identify the key issues and develop a plan for how to tackle it. If you choose to continue for more sessions, we can work through an emotional project, where you can get ongoing individualised attention, and have your questions answered. Some parents find it helpful to book a consultation with their co-parent or partner, to help develop a plan together.

What will I get from the online course “Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety”?

“Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety” is an online, self-paced course offered through Hand in Hand Parenting (US).  It is fantastic value for money and one of the best ways to get immediately useful help for your parenting – at a bargain price of $US39 ($AU55 approx. give or take small fluctuations in the exchange rate and any exchange fees).

You will learn why your child suffers separation anxiety and what to do about it.  The course offers practical, parent-tested tools for how to respond and help your child work through their fears to become happy and confident as they reach out into the world. You get:

  • A thorough introduction to the Hand in Hand Parenting approach to solving separation anxiety while strengthening your relationship with your child.
  • Instant, unlimited access 24/7 for one year, to transformative videos and reading materials, to watch at your convenience.
  • Consisting of 15 instructional videos presented by the Founder of Hand in Hand Parenting (US), Patty Wipfler.  Each video is about 15-20 min each for easy viewing and retention.
  • 9 “Listening to Children” e-booklets (worth $AU33 – $US24 value alone)

The course covers the following topics:

  • Why a sense of connection is vital to your child, and what happens when that is broken.
  • How children’s emotions work, why children get upset about separations, and why they can have big feelings about small separations.
  • How to respond to your child’s upsets – the Listening Tool of Staylistening
  • Why it gets hard for us and how we can build support for ourselves – the Listening Tool of Listening Partnerships.
  • Building connection in your relationship with your child – the Listening Tool of Special Time.
  • Planning for separations – being strategic.
  • Emotional Projects – what to do when a child has repeated upsets about separation.
  • Helping your child build their relationship with others.
  • Using playfulness to boost a child’s confidence and respond to fears – the Listening Tool of Playlistening.

Get started right away.  Purchase the online course here.

What have other parents said about Madeleine?

“I’ve done a lot of parenting courses, and read a lot of books.  In one session, Madeleine communicated a picture of why my children behave as they do which made more sense of what is going on than anything else I’ve come across.  She offered practical strategies and approaches that I will go home and try.  I’m looking forward to learning more.”

Mother of 5 y.o twins & 9 year old, Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW, Australia

“I liked being reminded that we are all good parents. The talk was structured around our questions and I wish we had longer – I could always take more listening to you, Madeleine. I really enjoyed today’s session.”

Foster/adoptive parent of 18 month old, Sydney, Australia

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