Hand in Hand Parents Intensive – Online and Phone Based – Starts September 2017

(Please put “Madeleine’s Call group starting 28th September” when prompted.)
EArly Brid

This course is priced in $US.  PLEASE DON’T LET THE EFFECT OF THE EXCHANGE RATE GET IN YOUR WAY!! You may be eligible for a full or part scholarship from Hand in Hand Parenting. Hand in Hand Parenting are very generous in awarding scholarships, especially in light of the unfavourable exchange rate. It is good to follow this up soon, so that your application can be processed in time to join us for the first calls in September. You can apply for a scholarship HERE – please let them know you came via me!

Parents Intensive Promo GraphicREGISTER HERE

(Please put “Madeleine’s Call group starting 28 September” when prompted, and please do let them know that you heard about it from me.)

Are you making effective use of your Hand in Hand Parenting skills? Is your family facing an unusually challenging time? Or would you like some backup from an experienced Instructor while you and your child tackle a big emotional project?

You know you have to put your own “oxygen mask” on before you can really support your children to get along well in the world, but where do you find the time and energy to bring together all the resources you need?

The Parent Intensive gives you the support and full resources of Hand in Hand Parenting in a structure that allows you to actually make good use of them for yourself, and your family.

WHO: Fathers, mothers and other carers of children aged 0-12 y.

WHEN: Once you register, you have access to the online classroom, which is open now.  Calls will start in the week of September 25th 2016. Registration is due by September 12th.

The call times which are likely to work for Australians are:

Section D (with me): Fridays,  starting on 28th September.  The start time of this group will change twice due to Daylight Savings changes in both the US and Australia.  Starting at 12.30 noon Sydney time on 28/09, then 1.30 pm for calls 2-6, and finally 2.30pm for calls 7-10.  (This is Thursdays at 7.30 p.m. Pacific starting Thursday 28th September).
Section A (with Ravid Aisenman) Tuesdays 6:30 pm Sydney Time on 26/09. Start time will shift over the 10 weeks due to Daylight Savings Time changes in Europe and Australia: 6.30pm for call 1, 7:30 pm for calls 2-5, and finally 8:30pm for calls 6-10.

You can find other call times on the registration page.  These start Thursday 28th September at 11:30a.m. Pacific, and Mondays at 10:45a.m. Pacific.   Calls may be as long as 90 minutes, depending on how many people are on the call.

WHERE: Course material is delivered via an online classroom and discussion forum, and by phone/web based conference call. Once you have registered and paid, you will be given login details for the online classroom and can start coursework immediately. Call in details will also be provided for the weekly conference call starting in September 2017.

COST:  EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – GET $50 OFF  currently approx. $AU 827 which is $US597 (NORMALLY $US647/$AU896). PLEASE DON’T LET THE EFFECT OF THE EXCHANGE RATE GET IN YOUR WAY!! You may be eligible for a full or part scholarship from Hand in Hand Parenting. It is good to follow this up soon, so that your application can be processed in time to join us for the first calls in September. You can apply HERE

I’ve had the deep pleasure of running a several mentoring call groups for this course over the last year.  It’s been a delight to meet with a diverse and dedicated group of parents every week, to share our stories, answer questions, and build emotional support for the hard work of parenting.  Each parent has identified the emotional project they would most like a hand with, developed a plan, and started to put it into action in their family with impressive results.  Over the ten weeks, the closeness, commitment and understanding has grown.  I’d just love you to be part of my next group!

Do you wonder how to:

  • Set effective limits for your children?
  • Help your children learn?
  • Heal your children’s fears?
  • Deal with tantrums and crying?
  • Build support for yourself?

We teach several Listening Tools that, used together and over time, will build closeness and co-operation, and help you build support for yourself in the complex job of parenting


  • 10 weeks of live, personalised weekly phone calls with a small group of parents, supporting each other to be the best parents they can be.  The rapport and understanding with the other participants will be a huge boost to your parenting.  Parents often form ongoing Listening Partnerships with others in the group.
  •  Call Mentors (including myself) are experienced Hand in Hand Parenting Instructors.  We will work with you to answer your questions, offer expert assistance with the specific parenting challenges you face, and offer supportive listening time with each call.
  • Immediate access to hours of wonderful, in-depth and well-structured video, broken into easily watchable segments, available for 6 months, to watch as many times as you want, at any time.*
  • Electronic copy of the “Listening to Children” 9 booklet set covering children’s emotions, and comprehensive course manual. You will find you refer back to these long after the course.
  • Participation in an active online classroom where you can post discussions and have your questions answered.

*This course offers you full access to the Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class, plus all the course materials on Leading your Family and an additional online video course of your choice from the Parent Rescue Service Series. Topics available : Taming Sibling Rivalry, Helping Children with Separation, Helping Children with Aggression, Setting Limits and Building Co-operation, Helping Children Sleep.  The Building a Listening Partnership: Reducing the Stress of Parenting course materials are also included so you can immediately begin learning the nuts and bolts of how to build more support for yourself.



“I attended a Parenting by Connection Starter Class for fathers, run by Madeleine. To keep it short, most parenting books on shelves are about controlling or correcting behaviours. But in this approach, they believe that there are 3 sides to parenting: connecting, correcting and support. I love what they have to say about connecting – about how to connect with your child through play. I have been doing “Special Time” and “Staylistening” with my daughter for a few months now, and I’ve found she has become a lot easier.” A father in Sydney, parent of 6 year old.

Madeleine Scott Winter

Madeleine Winter, Parenting by Connection Instructor

“It’s working! What you’ve suggested is actually helping me not only understand these unique little people but it seems to work well with my husband too! And for the first time in ages I’ve been enjoying parenting. This is a huge shift. Thank you.” Mother of 4 year old twins and 5 year old

“I went into this class thinking that my family life was about as good as it could get. Little did I know that parenting didn’t have to feel like my life was being drained out of me. Thanks to my listening partners and my new listening tools, my relationship with my son is better than I ever thought possible. And I finally have energy left over to take care of myself!” Parent Intensive participant and mother of 9 year old boy.





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