Separation Anxiety Replay

“I Have to Leave Now!” Solving Separation Anxiety

Boy cries in mother's arms. Maybe they have to part.

Listen in as Parent Coach Madeleine Winter and Trainee Instructor Rebecca Nowlen talk about Hand in Hand’s practical approach to solving separation anxiety.

Separations are inevitable, and all children have feelings about being away from you.  Sometimes these are easy to manage, and sometimes they make parting for short times difficult and stressful.

The good news is that you can make a plan for resolving your child’s feelings about separation. You can fill their cup of connection, build safety, and listen to their feelings in a way that will build your child’s confidence and resilience.  They will be able to be happy to leave you and be able to fully enjoy themselves while you are away, knowing you will return.

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Try this Course: This online, self guided course is full of useful information about how to use connection and play and listening to shift your child’s fears about parting from you for short times. Consisting of three “classes”, you will learn about why your child is afraid of you leaving, how to provide reassurance and build connection through play, and how to listen to their sadness and upsets. For $55, it’s a real bargain.

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