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Every so often, Hand in Hand Parenting record a live teleseminar on a popular parenting topic.  Register to listen in live, or follow the links to listen to a recording.

Boy cries in mother's arms. Maybe they have to part.Healing the Hurt of Separation: You can help your children so that parting is not so stressful. Learn ways to play with, and listen to, your children, to drain separation anxieties.


Mum and Boy, smiling at camera, huggingStaying Close to Pre-Teens and Teens – How Special Time Works With Older Kids learn about the changes to your child’s brain and body through adolescence; how to handle rolling eyes and teen temper tantrums; how to listen to the upsets without getting upset yourself.



When Your Kids Push You Over the Edge: -why kids “lose it”, why we “lose it” and how we can help them and ourselves so that we are able to parent the way we would really like to.

Preparing Children for a Visit to the Doctor – Join Hand in Hand Instructors Pam Oatis, MD, and Jaclyn Long, Marriage and Family Therapist, as they talk about how to ease a child’s anxieties about visiting the doctor, and how to deal with the feelings which may come up for children after medical procedures.
Angry Smiley FaceWhen We Mess Up As Parents Join Hand in Hand Parenting Founder and Dr Lawrence Cohen, as they discuss the ways you can fix things when you have messed up as a parent, done things you wished you hadn’t done.  With good information and support, you can set yourself, and your relationship with your children, on a better footing.


Mother kisses daughter goodnightHelping Young Children Sleep – We believe every parent deserves a good night’s sleep, at least once in a while! And healthy children over 6 months old can sleep through the night much of the time! It is possible to deal with your child’s (and your own) sleep challenges while building your connection with them & deepening their sense of trust in you.



Starting School – How to Stay Close and Help Your Children: Starting or returning to school can be a big challenge – for our children and for us. Learn why, and what you can do about it, in this free recording of a call with Parenting by Connection Instructors Madeleine Winter in Sydney and Kristen Volk in Denver, Colorado.

What to Do When You Child Just Won’t Listen. Listen to a recording with Parenting by Connection Instructor Kathy Gordon and Trainee Instructor Mirriam Morris.

Navigating the Pre-Teen Years – How To Keep From Pulling Your Hair Out – Listen to a recording with Parenting by Connection Instructors Madeleine Winter (me!) and Julie Johnson.

How Your Childhood Affects Your Parenting: Listen to a recording with Hand in Hand founder, Patty Wipfler

Loving the Parent You Are Today: Patty Wipfler explains the pressures on parents, why parenting is hard, and what you can do about it.

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