How Your Childhood Affects Your Parenting

A Free Parenting Teleseminar from Hand in Hand Parenting.



Have you ever found yourself doing and saying “just what your parents did”, even though you swore you would never do that?

This free teleseminar looks at the present challenges you face in your parenting, and explores how you can overcome them, by tracing their roots back to the past. Gain renewed energy and patience to be the parent you want to be as you learn how to connect to your family and yourself, through this hour-long phone call.

Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, is joined by Parenting by Connection Instructors Sareli Beltran and Kirsten Nottleson. They share how their own childhood experiences have impacted their parenting and how they have grown from exploring these issues and defusing the emotional challenges which these presented

Patty, Sareli and Kirsten also take questions from callers, and in the process talk about how racism and poverty create extra challenges for parents.  They outline the way that our parenting is affected by what has happened in generations past, as well as our own pasts.   And they outline clearly how you can use Listening Partnerships to recover from the effects of these hurts, and parent the way you want to.

This is one of my favourite Teleseminars, and I recommend it highly.

WANT TO KNOW MORE?  In the call, Patty talks about how you can build the support for yourself that you need to meet the emotional demands of parenting.  You can learn more about the self paced on-line course “Building a Listening Partnership- Easing the Stress of Parenting” HERE

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