Loving the Parent You Are Today

A Free Parenting Teleseminar from Hand in Hand Parenting.



This Teleseminar, presented by Patty Wipfler, Founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, and others, offers a clear description of why parenting is hard, how we parents respond, and how we can find a way out.   Patty outlines the conditions for parents.  She talks about the

  • External conditions – lack of pay, lack of training, breaks, time off, and the 24/7 requirements; the
  • Internal conditions – where our own experiences, stored in implicit memory, are triggered by our children’s emotions; • Results – for parents, include isolation, guilt, confusion, and exhaustion; and the
  • Solutions: the time to be listened to without criticism or blame, with respect and warmth.

She demonstrates how this listening process works – offering listening time to two parents on the call for 5 minutes each.

This is one of my favourite Teleseminars, and I recommend it highly.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN MORE? In the call, Patty talks about how you can build the support for yourself that you need to meet the emotional demands of parenting.  You can learn more about the self paced on-line course “Building a Listening Partnership- Easing the Stress of Parenting” HERE


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