crying boy clutches to mother who holds him close- maybe they have to separate

Webinar – Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety

Separating from your children can be hard!

And after weeks of being together at home with lockdown for Covid19, goodbyes may be even harder for your young ones.

Is your child:

  • Very upset when you leave for short periods?
  • Having trouble with transitions?
  • Aggressive or withdrawn, when you are away from them?

These are signs that your child may be struggling with separation anxiety. Separating from loved ones is a key issue for young children. It is normal for children (and their parents) to have feelings about being away from one another – even well into the teens.

Separations can be a positive experience

These feelings can be acknowledged, anticipated and effectively dealt with. In this Webinar, Madeleine Winter, Hand in Hand Parenting Consultant, offers practical advice that will increase your child’s general confidence and willingness to separate from loved ones, and help make parting from one another a positive experience.

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Madeleine is the parent of a teen who has been using and teaching Hand in Hand Parenting for over 30 years. This is what parents have said about her:

“I’ve done a lot of parenting courses, and read a lot of books. In one session, Madeleine communicated a picture of why my children behave the way they do. It made more sense of what is going on than anything else I’ve come across. She offered practical strategies and approaches that I will go home and try. I’m looking forward to learning more.”  Mother of 5 y.o twins and 9 year old, Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW, Australia

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