Confirmation of Booking: Parenting Consultations

Thank you for booking a Parenting Consultation with Madeleine.

You should receive an email with booking confirmation and dial-in details (most likely via my calendar app – Calendly).  Otherwise, we will contact you shortly to confirm arrangements and with payment details, if you have not already paid.

Please add our email address <madeleine”at”madeleinewinter”dot”com> to your contacts to help prevent our messages landing in spam, and check your spam boxes.

Refund Policy


Consultations are usually done via Zoom conferencing, either on your computer, via an app on your phone (both of these with options of vision).  Alternatively, you can dial in to the Conference number by phone without vision.

Your recording of the Consultation:

If the Consultation is done via Zoom, we can provide you with a recording of the call, which will be available for a few days after the Consultation for you to download.

Length of Consultation:

Initial Consultations are 75 minutes long.

Consultations are generally 60 minutes long.  You are welcome to book a 90 Minute block and take it as two 45 minute sessions.  Once you have had an Initial 75 minute Consultation, you can make a one-off purchase of 3×45 minute Consultations at a 10% discount.


For your information, my timezone is AEST/AEDT (Sydney) and if you need to work out what time this is where you are, I recommend using

Refunds Policy

By You: If this order is cancelled by you at any time, there is no refund of the One-on-One Consultation fee. However, I understand that life happens, and I am happy to reschedule at a mutually convenient time. If you need to cancel please let me know 24 hrs. in advance, whenever possible. If we reschedule a call at your request and it is missed a second time, your original fee will be forfeited and you will need to purchase additional time.

By me: I am a parent, and life happens to me too. Except if it is a Gift Consultation, if I have to cancel the Consultation for whatever reason, you can elect to receive a refund, or we can reschedule.  (You may need to provide your bank account details for EFT refund).

If it is a Gift Consultation, or we reschedule a Consultation you have personally paid for, the conditions above apply – I cannot refund, and if you miss that rescheduled appointment, and a subsequent one, you will forfeit the Consultation.

If you are new to  Hand in Hand Parenting

I recommend purchasing the nine-booklet set “Listening to Children”. You can find out more and You can organise to do so here.

I have put together a number of free one-hour talks which it would be helpful for you to listen to here

If you are a parent of pre-teen or teen children, I recommend purchasing a copy of the booklet “Supporting Adolescents” by Patty Wipfler. You can arrange to do so here.

You will find links to all sorts of interesting articles and resources for parents of pre-teens and older children here.

Please take some time to have a look/listen before our call – it will help.


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