Kids piling on top of parents.


I’m so pleased you dropped by.

I’m dedicated to bringing parents together so that we can get the support we need in order Graph - she planned a straight line, and what happened - it all went sqigglyto parent the way we want to.  I love being a parent, and I love parents – we are such a dedicated bunch, striving to have things go well in our families and beyond.  You deserve good information, company, and lots of support.  I hope you will find it here!

If parenting is a bit like this – if there is a big difference between what you planned, and what happened-  then you are in the right place!  Parenting simply isn’t something that goes in a straight line.  It’s a relationship: complex, dynamic, and constantly changing.

Mum and Boy, smiling at camera, huggingI’d love to help

You need good information and support for this deeply rewarding, deeply demanding work.    I offer One-on-One consultations, Courses and Groups, both online and in person.  Book a free 20 Minute Consultation now to work out your next step in getting the information, resources and help that you need to parent the way you really would like! (NOTE: I am away 22 June until late July 2023. Calls and Consultations will not run over that time, but I’d love to catch up with you before or after those dates.)


Dad and daughter touch noses.

Nose Kiss, cropped, used with kind permission of Gauri Ma, CC-BY-SA 4

I’d love to hear from you!  You weren’t meant to parent alone.  Join me for guidance, company and support in this journey.



Get company!

I run ongoing Support Calls for parents – so you can get help without even leaving home.  Build the community of support around your parenting that you need to parent just the way you always wanted to – with connection, joy and a deep sense of satisfaction.



Family Pile Up - Parent Support Calls, because every parent could use a little help.

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