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Starting now, or when you are ready…

Get support for your parenting without leaving home. Learn about the underlying emotional needs which drive children off-track. Get parent-tested, practical tools that you can use in your family to solve problems and build connection. This Course offers a comprehensive picture of the HandinHand approach, combined with Personalised Support from me, Madeleine Winter. I’m a Parent Coach, Hand in Hand Instructor and Parent Consultant of 30 years experience.

Coursework is delivered to you online anywhere in the world, with over six hours of videos and reading materials.  You can start working through the Coursework immediately, have unlimited time to get through it.

Flexible, Personalised Support from an experienced Parent Coach

In addition, you’ll join me via video conferencing for Personalised Support to learn how the HandinHand Tools can be used to address your specific parenting challenges.  You can choose a couple of different ways to take your Personalised Support, depending on what works for you, and your particular circumstances. I offer it through a flexible combination of Individual or Couples Consultations and Support Calls with a small group of other parents, so you can get the help you need, at times that work for you. Generally, we start with an  Initial Consultation so that I can get a picture of your situation, and then we will work out from there how I can best support you – through Support Calls, Consultations, or a combination of both.

Note: if we have not met before, I recommend that you book a short, free Parenting Consultation so that I can explain how I structure the Personalised Support.  Please book that here.

My timezone is Australian Eastern Time, and before purchasing, you may want to check Madeleine’s general availability in order to make sure schedules coincide across timezones.

Once you have paid you will receive two emails immediately:

  1. One email with subject “Log in details for the Starter Class” containing links to join the Classroom
  2. A second email with subject “Welcome to the Starter Class” which outlines how the Personalised Support is structured, and with links to book Consultations/Support Calls.

If these emails do not arrive, please check your spam folders, and if they aren’t there, contact Madeleine.

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What is the Starter Class?
How Can I use the Personalised Support that comes with the Class?
What does it cost?
Who is the Starter Class for?
Do you work with Couples?
What does the course cover?
What if my children are older – pre-teen and teen?
Tell me more about Parenting Consultations
What happens on a Support Call?
How big are the Support Calls, and how long do the Calls run?
When are Support Calls held?
How do I join a Support Call/Consultation?
What have parents said about Madeleine?
Refund Policy

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What is the Starter Class?

This is the foundation HandinHand course, developed by Hand in Hand Parenting (Palo Alto). It introduces all 6 HandinHand Listening Tools, delivered via online classroom. In addition, you get Personalised Support from Madeleine via video conferencing (or you can dial-in using a phone line). You will need

  • High speed internet access to view the Starter Class materials.
  • Some child-free time and a private space for the Support Calls/Consultations

Who: Fathers, mothers and other carers of children aged 0-12 y.

How: Coursework via Online classroom and Personalised Support provided to you via

  • Parenting Consultations  – either as a couple (couples package), or individually; and 
  • Support Calls with a small group of dedicated parents (if you are a couple, you are strongly encouraged to attend different Support Calls – perhaps alternating weeks).

Personalised Support – Consultations and Support Calls

As part of the Starter Class, you’ll get 180 minutes (360  minutes if you are a Couple) of Personalised Support with Madeleine.  So you can get the help you need, at times that work for you, it’s delivered through a flexible combination of

  • Individual or Couples Consultations and
  • Support Calls with a small group of other parents.

Generally, we start with an  Initial Consultation so that I can get a picture of your situation, and we can talk about what combination of Personalised Support will work best for you, Support Calls, Consultations, or a combination of both.  So:

    1. Start the online coursework for the Starter Class anytime.
    2. Book your Initial Consultation when you are ready.
    3. Once we have had our Initial Consultation, you may join a Support Call(s), or book more Consultations.

While I offer the Personalised Support flexibly, I recommend that you don’t put off booking our Initial Consultation – it will help us fit the HandinHand approach to the circumstances of your particular family, and help me understand how I can support you best.

Support Calls run on

Mondays at 6pm Pacific USA/Tuesdays 1pm (AEDT)

What time is that in your timezone?

If you are a couple, you’ll need to attend different Calls – perhaps alternating weeks.

You can also purchase additional Support Calls and Consultations if you want more beyond the Starter Class.

You have six months from date of purchase to use the Personalised Support, though i do suggest that you book as soon as your schedule will allow so that we can get started with applying the Hand in Hand approach to your particular parenting challenges.


Individuals – $347; Couples $617. If you are paying in $USD and you a member of the Hand in Hand Parent Club  or you have been approved by Hand in Hand for a scholarship, please contact Madeleine here for more information before purchasing as I am generally not able to refund once you have paid.

Who is the Starter Class for?

The HandinHand Starter Class is aimed at parents of children aged 0-12. However, Madeleine is the parent of a teen, and works extensively with parents of older children. So if your children are older, you will still get a lot from the Starter Class – learning the foundations of HandinHand, and in Consultations Madeleine can help you understand how it can work with older children.

Do you work with couples?

Yes! I work with couples. The Starter Class-Couples includes 360 minutes of Personalised Support (Couples) for you as a couple. We begin with an Initial Couples Parenting Consultation with you both, which accounts for 90 minutes of your Personalised Support (Couples).

After that, you have 270 minutes of Personalised Support i.e. 4.5 hours total, between you, with me. You can take that as additional Consultations, either individually or as a couple, or as Parenting Support Calls, or a combination of both. Minimum time for a Consultation as a Couple is 60 Minutes.

If you join a Support Call, each Call is the equivalent of 30 minutes of Personalised Support per person.  It’s my strong recommendation that couples attend different Support Calls, rather than attending together.  That means you each have a space where you can talk about anything – even your parenting partner (-:

What does the course cover?

Do you wonder how to

  • Set effective limits for your children?
  • Help your children learn?
  • Heal your children’s fears?
  • Deal with tantrums and crying?
  • Build support for yourself?

In this course you will learn about several Listening Tools that, used together and over time, will build closeness and co-operation, and help you build support for yourself in the complex job of parenting.

You will

  • get support to be the parent you want to be
  • have immediate access to hours of wonderful, in-depth and well-structured video, broken into easily watchable segments, available for 6 months, to watch as many times as you want, at any time convenient to you
  • receive an electronic copy of the “Listening to Children” 9 booklet set covering children’s emotions, and a comprehensive Course Manual. You will find you refer back to these long after the course.

Both the Support Calls, and 1-1 Consultations/Couples Consultations, are structured to allow time for problem solving. You also have the opportunity to experience Listening Time. This is a time for you to be listened to without judgment, advice-giving, and in the knowledge it is completely confidential. Getting a chance to be listened to in this way can often turn your day around. Over time it improves your capacity to connect with your children and your flexibility in responding to their difficulties.

What if my children are older – pre-teen and teen?

The HandinHand approach works well with older children, but the way you use the Tools will need some adaption. If you are already reasonably familiar with HandinHand, then you may do better with the short Online Course Raising Happier Tweens (also very useful for parents of Teens), and booking some Consultations with Madeleine. If you aren’t sure, book a Short Free Consultation to discuss.

Tell me more about Parenting Consultations

As part of the Personalised Support, you begin with an Initial Parenting Consultation (60 minutes for individuals, 90 minutes for couples). You can book this when you are ready. Sometimes, people want to get started straight away. Others like to work their way through the first Class or two of the Starter Class and then book a Consultation. This Initial Consultation helps Madeleine understand the challenges and strengths in your family, and what you want to get from the Starter Class.

The Initial Consultation is a chance for us to get to know one another a little better. If you are new to HandinHand, I can introduce the approach tailored specifically for your parenting challenges. If you are familiar, then we can dive more deeply into developing a Parenting Connection Plan for your family, to solve problems and help you build connection and closeness.

After the Initial Consultation you can choose to use the remaining Personalised Support as Consultations or you can join a Support Call, or a mix of both. If you join a Support Call, that will count as half an hour of your remaining time.  so you could join up to four Support Calls after your Initial Consultation, if you sign up for the Starter Class – Individual

Due to time-zone differences between USA and Australia, I am generally available from 6am Australian Eastern Time. That is in the afternoon or evening in the US. Check what time that is where you are here.

What Is a Support Call?

Meet with a small group of other parents who are also on the HandinHand Parenting journey. On a Support Call, you’ll

  • learn about how HandinHand Parenting can work in your family
  • share experiences of using the Listening Tools at home
  • have questions answered
  • get listened to in turn by the group, in a confidential environment, without comment, judgement or advice.

This will help you

  • build support around the work you do as a parent
  • get company on the journey and know you are not alone
  • learn from other parents
  • reduce your stress levels.

Parenting is challenging at the best of times. There is always lots of advice. On a Support Call, you will get what is in short supply: a safe, non-judgmental place to

  • make sense of that advice and plan for your parenting
  • unload when things get tough
  • be appreciated for how hard you try
  • share successes and happy moments, and
  • reflect on your own stories and how these influence your parenting.

Parents will often form ongoing free Listening Partnerships with other parents on the Call. Being part of a Support Call can help you develop a network which you can use to help solve your parenting challenges.  As mentioned above, if you sign up for the Starter Class as a couple, I prefer that you do not attend a Support Call together.  You might like to alternate weeks.

How big are the Support Calls, and how long do the Calls run?

Groups have a maximum of five participants, and I try to keep it to four. The length of time we meet will depend on how many people join the group, but it is between 60 and 90 minutes – plan on 90 minutes. If for some reason only one person is on the Call, it will run 30 minutes max.

When are the Support Calls held?

From April 3rd til Oct 2nd 2023

Mondays 6pm Pacific USA/Tuesdays 11am Sydney Time in Australia (AEST)

From Oct 3rd 2023 til Nov 5th 2023

Mondays 6pm Pacific USA/Tuesdays 12 noon Sydney Time in Australia (AEDT)

From Nov 6th 2023 til 10th March 2024

Mondays 6pm Pacific USA/Tuesdays 1pm Sydney Time in Australia (AEDT)

From 11th March til April 7th 2024

Mondays 6pm Pacific USA/Tuesdays 12 noon Sydney Time in Australia (AEDT)

Support Calls run between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the size of the group. Plan on 90 mins. If you join a Support Call, it counts as 30 minutes of your Personalised Support.

What time is that where I am?

Madeleine’s timezone is AEST/AEDT (Sydney) and if you need to work out what time this is where you are, use http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

How do I join the Support Calls/Consultations?

We use Zoom Conferencing. You can join with vision via your web browser or an app on your phone. You can also simply dial in using your phone. There are local dial-in numbers in many countries. Details will be provided after you have registered.

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Here’s what parents have to say about Madeleine, and the Course:

“I would describe this course as a life changing experience. I went into this class thinking that my family life was about as good as it could get. Little did I know that parenting didn’t have to feel like my life was being drained out of me. Thanks to my Listening Partners and my new Listening Tools, my relationship with my son is better than I ever thought possible. And I finally have energy left over to take care of myself!” Mother of 9 year old boy.

Madeleine Scott Winter

Madeleine Winter, Parenting by Connection Instructor

“It’s working! What you’ve suggested is actually helping me not only understand these unique little people but it seems to work well with my husband too! And for the first time in ages I’ve been enjoying parenting. This is a huge shift. Thank you.” Mother of 4 year old twins and 5 year old

“I really enjoyed having Madeleine as my instructor for the Hand In Hand Starter Class. She was willing to take time with each participant on the call and did so with an authentic, caring attitude. She offered suggestions to enhance the Hand In Hand techniques specific to each situation. I learned a lot about myself and my child in her class.” A parent taking the online Starter Class.

“I found Madeleine to be warm, organised, able to answer questions clearly, thoughtful, respectful, professional and authentic.” A father taking the online Starter Class

“Hi Madeleine, I just really appreciate your approach and really glad I did the Starter Class with you!” Mother of four year old boy, USA.

“I really enjoyed sharing time with Madeleine. She offered good insights and made me feel comfortable to discuss anything that was on my mind.   She’s is an excellent instructor who brings warmth and knowledge to every conversation. She really gets to know who she is teaching and provides appropriate guidance from her years of experience.” Mother, Grandmother and Early Childhood Teacher, USA.

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