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Staying Close to Preteens and Teens – How Special Time Works with Older Kids – Replay

A Free Parenting Teleseminar by Madeleine Winter, Hand in Hand Parenting.

Staying connected to our preteens as they enter adolescence and become more independent may be challenging, but it is as important as ever! Working with parents of pre-teens and teens, and having a pre-teen child myself, I know how feels for parents to be confronted with:

  • Kids who aren’t so sure they want us around any more.
  • Emotional volatility (our kids and our own!).
  • Eye rolling, door banging and other signs of anger and frustration.
  • The growing importance of friendships and peer relationships in our children’s lives.

Our children are beginning a process of radical brain re-organisation, which along with the hormones of puberty, are responsible for major changes in behaviour and outlook.

And they aren’t the only ones with feelings!  Research1 suggests that the parents of children in the pre-teen and early teen years  are the most stressed and least satisfied of all parents.

But no matter how it looks, Teens still really want their parents around.  And we parents really want our kids to stay close and to be able to help them when things get tough.

Join me, Madeleine Winter (Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor from Sydney, Australia) and my colleague, Trainee Instructor Rebecca Nowlen (CA, USA).   Whether you are new to Hand in Hand, or experienced, we explain how you can use the Hand in Hand Listening Tools flexibly to stay connected with your children as they grow older.  These Tools will help you build and maintain the connection that, in their heart of hearts, your children really want and need with you.

Who: For all parents, but we will focus on parenting children 8+ through into the teen years.

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1 Wallace, Kelly. “Middle school moms the most stressed, per study.CNN. Cable News Network, 27 Jan. 2016. Web. 22 Dec. 2016.

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