Webinar – Helping Young Children Sleep

Would you like some help with the project of getting your child to sleep?

Child sleeps on couchDoes your child put off going to bed?  Do you find yourself reading yet another story?  Will they only sleep if you are with them or they have their “special toy”? Are you ready for them to move into their own bed? Or is your child waking through the night?

Help is at hand! The HandinHand Listening Tools can help to resolve things so that you, and your children, can get a good night’s sleep, at least some of the time.

Got questions?  Book a Free 20 Minute Consultation now, and Madeleine can help you get the support you need.

Would you like a copy of the slides?

Madeleine is the parent of a teen who has been using and teaching Hand in Hand Parenting for over 30 years. This is what parents have said about her:

“I’ve done a lot of parenting courses, and read a lot of books. In one session, Madeleine communicated a picture of why my children behave the way they do. It made more sense of what is going on than anything else I’ve come across. She offered practical strategies and approaches that I will go home and try. I’m looking forward to learning more.”  Mother of 5 y.o twins and 9 year old, Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW, Australia

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