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Madeleine is a Madeleine Scott WinterCertified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor and the parent of a teenage child. Her focus is on strengthening relationships and on building the parent-child connection as the pathway to resolving universal parenting challenges. She provides practical tools to empower parents to build close connections & emotional safety with their children, and support for themselves.

Madeleine was lucky to be introduced to Hand in Hand many years before becoming a parent, and has been working with families using the approach for over 25 years. Witnessing how her child used these Listening Tools from the beginning inspired her to share them more actively with other parents and carers. In 2009 she founded Hand in Hand With Madeleine.

Locally, Madeleine works across Sydney including with culturally diverse communities and families for whom English is not the first language. She also loves to work with fathers. “Fathers have such a special role to play in family life, and they get so little attention as dads”.

Madeleine runs workshops and courses flexibly to meet the needs of parents, from one hour one-off events through to the 6 week Hand in Hand Starter Class. She also works with parents and their children, individually and in groups, coaching them in the Listening Tools. Her workshops and courses can be structured around common parenting challenges and present each of the six Hand in Hand Listening Tools as appropriate.

Online, Madeleine runs Courses, Groups and provides Parenting Consultations and Coaching for parents across the world.

Since 2014, Madeleine has been part of the Mentoring Team for Hand in Hand Parenting’s (Palo Alto) Instructor Certification Program.  She meets weekly with a small group of Instructor Candidates to coach them in use of the Listening Tools and in how to teach other parents.

Madeleine often works with her husband, Roewen Wishart, an experienced Hand in Hand father. Together, they use the Listening Tools in their own parenting and relationship with one another. They love to share these Tools with friends, and like nothing better than a good old Saturday night family-and-friends wrestle.

You can contact Madeleine here.

Madeleine says

“The best thing I ever did was become a parent. I don’t want any parent to feel bad about themselves as a parent. No matter what the struggle, we parents are the bravest, most dedicated bunch of people I ever came across, and I feel so proud to be one.
“What I love about Parenting by Connection is that it offers practical ways to recover from the mistakes we make, learn from them, and prevent difficulties in future. It means we can support and love our children the way we dreamed we would, when we first became parents. I’m not a fantastic parent or a natural player – but these Listening Tools work. In many ways, Hand in Hand (and a kitchen timer) saved the play at our house!

“I also love that Hand in Hand offers us tools to build support around ourselves as we parent. One of the hardest things is not having people to plan with, share with, problem-solve with, and get help from about the work of parenting.”

Here’s what some parents have said about her work:

“I liked being reminded that we are all good parents. The talk was structured around our questions and I wish we had longer – I could always take more listening to you, Madeleine. I really enjoyed today’s session and find this style of parenting very child focussed and child friendly.”

Foster/adoptive parent of 18 month old,
who attended a talk and a 3 week course
“Tears, Tantrums and Other Troubles”.

“It’s working! What you’ve suggested is actually helping me not only understand these unique little people but it seems to work well with my husband too! And for the first time in ages I’ve been enjoying parenting. This is a huge shift. Thank you.”

Mother of 4 y.o. twins and 5 y.o.
who attended Parenting Workshops
and has worked with Madeleine one-on-one.

“Madeleine was great – she kept us on track. Madeleine’s like a “personal trainer” that kept reminding us “get fit”! Do you do home visits? I think you would make a great Super Nanny!”

Father of baby, toddler and 10 year old,
Parenting Starter Class for Fathers


“I have found the parent to parent listening time very good and enjoyed it very much. Madeleine and Roewen were great facilitators and I felt very well supported.”

 Father of 9 year old boy
Parenting Starter Class for Fathers

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  1. Kimberley

    Hi – my daughter is 10 and we’ve been in constant power struggles. It’s been awful and heartbreaking. Is there a free workshop that I can attend online? I cannot find the direct link. Thank you . Kimberley

      1. Mishal

        I am from Pakistan can i join too . if u have no issue as i am muslim..

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