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Working with your community

I would love to work with you!

I offer talks, workshops, presentations and courses on a range of topics.  I have over 20 years experience in applying the Hand in Hand Parenting approach to common parenting challenges.  We focus on practical Tools for building and repairing relationships, getting support, and solving problems in family life.

I’m more than happy to develop talks and presentations to meet the particular needs of your community of parents and carers. Feel free to contact me to discuss any other topics of interest or concern.

I have worked with the following agencies over the years:

Dad and his son roughhouse.Schools as Community Centres in Marrickville, Fairfield, Lakemba, Glebe and Punchbowl.
Concord Public School
Burwood Council
Randwick  Council
Connecting Carers NSW

Glowing testimonials!

“I’ve worked collaboratively with with Madeleine Winter from time to time, jointly facilitating programs for parents across Western Sydney with very diverse communities. These were part of Kids and Dads Playzone, a project to engage fathers with their primary school aged children. We also worked on other programs for mothers and children, focussing on fostering play, limit setting and connection building.

It was always a privilege to work with Madeleine. She has a deep understanding of the struggles for parents as they endeavour to stay connected to their children.  She has excellent tools to offer families to help them meet the challenges of parenting. Madeleine is a very special group leader and facilitator. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Sandy Wilder, Former Facilitator
Fairfield Schools-as-Community-Centre

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(Download a flyer about our workshops and courses)

Running from from 1-3 hours. Some of these topics can also be presented as three session courses, and others can be grouped as a series of one-off talks around a theme – such as “Helping Your Child at School”.

“Will you Play With Me?” Building Confident and Resilient Children*

“I Have To Go Now!” – Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety*

Helping Children Learn

“Why Won’t They Just Do What I Say?” Setting Limits without Saying Time-Out*

Starting School With Ease*

Homework Hassles: How to Help Your Child

“Why is My Child Afraid?” – Helping Children With Their Fears and Worries*

“It’s Time for Bed Now” – Helping Your Child to Sleep*

Helping Children Play Well Together

Starting School, Surviving School, Thriving at School – Helping with School Struggles*

Biting, Pushing, Pulling Hair – Helping Children with Aggression*

“It’s Mine!” – All About Sharing

“Why Can’t They Just Get Along?” Some Solutions for Sibling Rivalry*

“Daddy Loves You Very Much” – Fathers Are Primary Parents

“I Can’t Stand it Anymore!” – What to Do When Your Kids Push You Over the Edge

Tears, Tantrums and Other Troubles – Handling Emotional Moments*

What is the cure for whining?

“I Hate You!” – Hard Words and Hard Feelings Between Parents and Children.

Raising Boys to be Gentle and Girls to be Strong.

*We can present these topics as 3 session courses – sometimes run over 5 weeks.


We also run several 6 week courses which introduce the Hand in Hand Parenting approach in more depth and cover all of the Listening Tools.

“Will you Play With Me?” Building Confident and Resilient Children Children love and need to play. But play also has a key role to play in strengthening your relationship with your child, building emotional safety with them, and helping them work through tensions and concerns. Learn how to follow your child’s lead in play to build their confidence and resilience.

“I Have To Go Now!” – Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety Separating from loved ones is a key issue for young children. It is normal for children (and their parents) to have feelings about having to be away from one another – even well into the teens. These feelings can be acknowledged, anticipated and effectively dealt with in ways that increase a child’s general confidence and willingness to separate from loved ones. Come and learn practical ways to help make parting from one another a positive experience.

Helping Children Learn Children love to learn, and learn naturally. They learn through play, the behaviour of the people around them, and from their own experiments. They are also experts at making friends. Once they hit school, however, sometimes these things do not come so easily. And as your child gets older, their confidence as a learner can be dented. Come and learn about your very special role in supporting your children at school or with learning anything.

“Why Won’t They Just Do What I Say?” Setting Limits without Saying Time-Out Limit setting can be a positive experience for you and your child! We believe that it is possible to set limits with your children in ways that improve your relationship and bring you closer. Children need limits, and test limits because they are carrying emotional tensions which are driving them off-track. We offer a parent-tested, practical approach to limit setting that will have everyone thinking well on the other side of it, and make sure that the limits you set today are building the relationship you want with your child tomorrow

Starting School With Ease Starting school can be a challenge for both parents and children. Kids are wired to learn, but school can be complicated. There are separations, new social challenges, and challenges in learning. And for us, there is much to learn about how to be “school parents”, how to help our children stand up for themselves, how to assist their learning and negotiate friendship issues. When our children start school it can also remind us of our own early experiences with learning – and that may not always have been easy. Learn practical Listening Tools to build your child’s confidence, prepare for separations, and get the support you need to keep supporting your kids the way you want to!

Homework Hassles and How to Help Homework is one of those perpetual challenges for parents (and children!). Whatever you think about whether there is any point, it’s something that we have to manage once our children hit school. But parents have a key role to play here: we can provide our children with an opportunity to work through difficult feelings and frustrations that they accumulate during the school day, and which get in the way of learning. Learn how to build the connection with your child that is the foundation for effective learning, and help them with hard feelings and frustrations that crop up around learning.

Please feel free to contact us here and we will be in touch soon.

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