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Non Muslim Mum and Daughter in solidarity.

Helping Our Children Through Troubled Times – November 2015 Newsletter

Non Muslim Mum and Daughter in solidarity.

Recently, we visited a local mosque, and put scarves on in solidarity. My daughter told the reporter “We are here to be together as one big family group.”

As parents, how do we respond to shocking and violent events – whether they are terrorism, wars, awful mass shootings, or natural disasters?

We can get Listening Time for ourselves, we can listen to our children and answer their questions with pictures of what humans can do together for good, and offer them the huge resassurance of regular Special Time.

Plus some free resources as you move towards the start of school, and courses starting in the New Year.

Here’s our November 2015 Newsletter. Enjoy!


Who Is Starting School??? Here is our January Newsletter

Children sitting in playground with backpacks

School Children, by Madeleine S Winter, CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 INT

The end of holidays and start of school can be a stressful time.  We grown-ups might be looking forward to a bit less time spent parenting, but our children are likely to be having feelings about leaving us, and about starting something new.  Go gently over the next few weeks!  And good luck!




‘Who Is Starting School???” Parenting by Connection January 2015 Newsletter

Your children need your presence more than your prestents

Tis the Season To Be…Disappointed: Here is our November newsletter.

Here’s our November newsletter.  Here in Australia, we are heading into a really busy time of the year, and the pressures on families rise.  Parents can do with all the support they can get!  Here’s a story of how one mother dealt with disapointments about presents, and thoughts about offering our children our presence.  Plus some helpful links, and an invitation to join my upcoming Parent Resource Group.  Enjoy!

Presents and Presence: Parenting by Connection November 2014 Newsletter



young boy singing

Singing Up A Storm: Welcome to Our October Newsletter

Welcome to our October Newsletter.  A story about how one mother used Playlistening to build her boy’s confidence, and then Staylistened to the feelings afterwards.  New Parenting by Connection Online Starter Class beginning soon.  And free links and resources to support your parenting.

Singing Up A Storm: Parenting by Connection October Newsletter