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‘Tis The Season To Be…Disappointed!

Pencil HeartI can’t believe that the shops started
putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas carols at least a month ago. I always feel that it has come around too soon.

In this country, also, Christmas coincides with the end of the working year and summer holidays. It is often an intense time, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Everything just seems to wind up into a big frenzy.

The truth is, despite how eagerly our children look forward to all those presents, or feel that they will miss out because the family finances can’t stretch that far or your family does not celebrate at this time of year, it is your presence that makes the real difference to them. Continue reading

Your children need your presence more than your prestents

Tis the Season To Be…Disappointed: Here is our November newsletter.

Here’s our November newsletter.  Here in Australia, we are heading into a really busy time of the year, and the pressures on families rise.  Parents can do with all the support they can get!  Here’s a story of how one mother dealt with disapointments about presents, and thoughts about offering our children our presence.  Plus some helpful links, and an invitation to join my upcoming Parent Resource Group.  Enjoy!

Presents and Presence: Parenting by Connection November 2014 Newsletter