Getting Started with Hand in Hand

Kids piling on top of parents.

  • Looking for solutions to your parenting problems?
  • Constantly stuck in power struggles with your kids?
  • Sibling rivalries getting you down?
  • Would you like to have more ease and fun in your parenting?

Hand in Hand has so much to offer!

You’ve arrived in the right place! I’d love to help you be the best parent you can be, and enjoy your kids more.

I work with parents of children from 0-12 and into the teen years.  There are a range of ways I can help you get started with using Hand in Hand in your family to build and rebuild connections.

Hand in Hand Parenting Consultation

This is one of the most efficient ways to start.  Whether you are new to the approach or are familiar, I can give you a personalised guide to Hand in Hand Listening Tools as they apply to your family, and direct you to other resources as you need.   Over a couple of consultations we can identify the “Emotional Projects” in your family and develop a detailed Connection Plan. If you choose, I can offer ongoing assistance and coaching as you implement this at home.

Self Paced Online Courses

On Separations, Sibling Rivalry, Sleep, Aggression and Limit Setting.  These provide the Hand in Hand perspective on common parenting challenges.  They are excellent value for money at $US39.  Structured to take about three weeks, you may work through them at your leisure.

I highly recommend combining these courses, which do not have any live contact, with a Hand in Hand Parenting Consultation with me.  This is a very effective and efficient way to learn how Hand in Hand can work in your family.  People often work through these courses with their parenting partner(s), and you can book a consultation as a couple, if you wish, to ask your questions and get coaching as you try things.

Parent Support Calls

Joining a Call can be a way to get connected with other parents, have your questions answered and get some much needed Listening Time where you can think through your parenting challenges.  I run Calls for several weeks four times a year, and you can join for as many Calls as you can manage.

Hand in Hand Parenting Class

Would you like to get some support over time? Interested to learn from other parents using Hand in Hand in their family?

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to Hand in Hand with six weeks of phone based conference calls led by an experienced Hand in Hand Instructor.

Other Courses and Support

Join me in a range of courses – both face to face and via phone based conference calls.

Please stay in touch!  If you aren’t sure what to do next, book a Free 20 Minute Consultation with me, and we can work it out together.

Resources for You

I’ve also collected links to some resources and materials which will help you get started with Hand in Hand.

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